Hunter & Gather Pure Triple Steam Distilled 100% Coconut MCT Oil




  • MCT OIL – Our MCT oil is 100% derived from non GMO coconuts – Our triple steam distilled MCT oil is great for promoting fat oxidation & increasing ednruance and performance – Ideal to add to coffees, shakes or even drizzle on a salad – Great way to increase blood ketones in a safe, sustainable and healthy way.

  • IDEAL FOR ALL DIETS – Keto, paleo, LCHF and banting lifestyle friendly – High in caprylic and capric acid, this oil is also hexane free and contains no solvents – Our MCT oil is vegan and contains no added sugar, sweeteners or fillers – The oil is also free from gluten, lactose and soya.

  • CLEAN AND PURE MCT SOURCE – Promotes fat oxidation and increases performance providing you with a pure and sustainable source of MCTs – MCT oil is a form of fatty acid that is easily digested and absorbed without being stored as fat.

  •  HEALTHY FATS – A rich source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) – These provide many health and fitness benefits – The oil is almost completely odourless and flavourless making it ideal to add to foods or drinks without affecting the taste too much.
  • RECYCLABLE PACKAGING – Our MCT oil comes packaged in a fully recyclable glass bottle – The oil is also made using only sustainable coconuts and is a great way to provide a quick source of energy without the fat content, perfect for those on a high fat or keto diet.


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