Frankie A600



The Franke A600 coffee machine is an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine for commercial use that is ideal for self service in catering and offices with a superb clear touch-screen which can be branded with your logo. It offers flat white, cappuccino, caffe latte, americano or espresso which it grinds freshly from espresso coffee beans and fresh milk at the touch of a button; it offers superb hot chocolate and mocha made with fresh milk as well and is truly a ‘next-generation’ bean to cup machine. Why not come and see this coffee machine at our London showroom or watch our demo video of the A600 below?

Made in Switzerland, this advanced coffee machine needs only a 3-pin socket for the machine (plus one for milk fridge), the Franke A600 coffee machine in FM FoamMaster and Cleanmaster guise offers an amazing mix of capabilities for medium to heavy use sites serving 200 cups per day of premium speciality coffees. The beautiful intuitive touch screen has clear and distinct logos of each of the speciality coffees which benefits the operator by making a visual and easy choice, the machine also dispenses quickly and neatly and is much easier to clean than previous Franke bean to cup machines.

The CleanMaster features are another key benefit (at extra cost) which has an integrated milk cleaning concentrate tank – simply press a button on the front of the touch-screen to complete the coffee and milk cleaning process. Talk to us about how this cutting-edge coffee machine could help in your first-class lounge, office, showroom or restaurant; the version shown in the picture has a coffee syrups module on the right which is an extra cost option; can also include contactless payment and if desired.



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