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  • WPM DR-100 Dream Roaster

    This grinder has built in weighing scales to accurately weigh the correct dose of coffee.
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  • WPM KD-210S2

    The choice of the home professional or small bar/restaurant this high quality machine is made to provide a professional quality extraction from your ...
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  • WPM KD-270S

    The 270 comes with 3 pre-set pre-infusions for your coffee, PID technology to adjust brewing temperature and a temperature sensing steam wand. With ...
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  • WPM KD-310VP

    The height of professional brewing, with the 310VP you are able to adjust pressure profiles and temperature to extract that perfect shot from any ...
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  • WPM KD-510

    2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine
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  • Franke A400

    The Franke A400 coffee machine is designed in Switzerland and is an automatic touch button bean to cup coffee machine for both offices and ...
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  • Frankie A600

    The Franke A600 coffee machine is an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine for commercial use that is ideal for self service in catering and offices ...
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  • Frankie A1000

    The Franke A1000 coffee machine is a heavy duty bean to cup coffee machine, ask us for a price today. Made to the highest standards in Switzerland ...
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  • WPM MS-130T Milk Steamer

    This portable unit has electronic temperature control and can be used for steaming perfect milk for latte art or hotter temperatures for hot ...
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  • WPM ZD-15 Coffee Grinder

    Slow speed grinding for protecting coffee aroma. The strong metal conical burr achieves excellent grind consistency.
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  • WPM ZD-17N Coffee Grinder

    The illuminated cradle assists in seamless and accurate grind delivery directly into the group handle.
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  • WPM ZD-17W Coffee Grinder

    This grinder has built in weighing scales to accurately weigh the correct dose of coffee.
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  • Slingshot Grinder

    Self Dosing Grinder Our grinders feature a volumetric self-dosing chamber which is always on standby to provide the professional barista with their ...
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  • WMP ZD10T

    A wide range of grind setting Protecting coffee aroma Uniform grind User-friendly
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